Mr. Truth

Evolution : Mr. Truth
Toronto Fringe Festival 2016

Mr. Truth is a series of bouffonesque tragi-comic nightmare sketches examining the inevitable seepage of erotic truth into the light of day. That is to say, we follow characters that attempt to deny or repress bizarre or off-colour sexual desires and fail: subtly, embarrassingly, and in spectacularly painful ways.

Double bill with Angela Blumberg’s Evolution  a contemporary dance piece that explores different physical states and the ‘evolution’ from one state to another.

Mr. Truth / written and performed by Lauren Gillis, and Alaine Hutton
Evolution / performed by Jillian Peever and Irvin Chow,
choreographer Angela Blumberg, composer Domenic Jarlkaganova
Stage Manager / Alexa Polenz
Lighting Design / Remington North
Sound assistance / Wesley McKenzie, Lyon Smith, Ron Kelly
Costume assistance / Amanda Wong, Michelle Tracey

Performances @ Randolph Theatre, 736 Bathurst Street

Sunday, July 10: 3:30pm
Thursday, July 7: 12pm
Wednesday, July 6: 9:15pm
Tuesday, July 5 – 5pm
Saturday, July 3 – 1:15pm
Friday, July 1 – 11pm
Thursday, June 30 – 7pm

Tickets – $12 /