The Misunderstanding

by Albert Camus. Adapted by Lauren Gillis and Alaine Hutton.

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A contemporary greek tragicomedy; an animalistic rendering of Camus’ Absurd implodes in a wasted town with more suicides than sunny days.

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Spend the evening at an inn run by Martha, a stunted spinster still living with her Mother as her 20’s wave goodbye. She’s taken to drugging well-off guests, emptying their pockets, and throwing their bodies into the river. With every interaction distorted by malfunctioning technology, awkward situations and dire consequences emerge when a familiar stranger takes a room at the inn.

The Misunderstanding examines the repercussions of hiding your intentions and suppressing your desires.

A phantasmagorical, butoh-infused theatrical experience. Cold tea will be served


Directed by Lauren Gillis
Translated by Graham Ley
Movement Dramaturgy : Denise Fujiwara
Performers : Alaine Hutton, Justin Miller and The Mother
Set Design : Michelle Tracey
Costume Design : Amanda Wong
Lighting Design : Linn Øyen Farley
Sound Design : Wesley Mckenzie
Stage Management : Joey Condello

Photos by :  Peter Demas, Doug Hamilton