Whenever you tell yourself “I DO NOT FIND THIS EROTIC” and a little snag churns your gut and whispers that you’re in denial, Mr. Truth is with you.

In a series of tragicomic nightmare vignettes, a masked demon-like entity follows people who repress their “erotic truths” and forces them to confront their desires in spectacularly painful ways.

Teetering at the visceral and intellectual edge of what could uncomfortably be termed comedy, Toronto-based ensemble Lester Trips (Theatre) offers up the “defiantly progressive” MR. TRUTH: like watching a parody that blooms into a revolting orgasmic hallucination, it’s off the beaten sketch comedy path, with a satisfying dose of the primal, the lurid, and the bizarre.

Dora award winners for Outstanding Costume Design, nominatees for Outstanding Performance Ensemble and Outstanding New Play, creators Lauren Gillis and Alaine Hutton blend physical theatre and cinematic sketch with a bouffonesque sensibility in a revolving door of costume changes.